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This module provides complete control over the management of conference events and room bookings from quotation to execution.

We provide Colleges with a complete year-round booking system for one-hit room bookings through to multi-day, multi-room events with interdepartmental communication through our unique Front of House module that runs in the Lodge, housekeeping, catering and other service departments.

When combined with Student Accommodation you have total control and visibility of bedroom bookings across the College for students, conferences and guest bookings.

The module integrates with Student Member Finance for member charging and our Sales Ledger for third party billing.

Our Conference and Events module simplifies the administration, organisation and communication of events College wide as well as tracking billing and costing activities on an event by event basis.

Event Management

  • Creation, review and changing of events
  • Allocation of public rooms
  • Management of delegate/visiting guest bedrooms
  • Booking of activities (including catering) across College departments
  • Booking of equipment and facilities
  • Flexible pricing models including fixed price, delegate day rate and fully itemised
  • Flexible rates for different customer categories (standard, associate members etc.)
  • Direct invoicing through our Sales Ledger

Main Printed Outputs

  • Customer quotation detailing what is to be provided
  • Event pack allows for quick review of an event detailing all aspects of the setup including all notes
  • Department packs organised by day and time detailing all activities and equipment that departments (catering, housekeeping, IT etc.) should provide
  • Cost analysis of each event

 Department Screens

  • Porters Lodge for checking in / out guests and students in one place. Highlights and records the payment situation for conference and visiting guests as well as urgent lodge issue tracking and resolution
  • Housekeeping for tracking departures, arrival requests and cleaning requirements as well as urgent housekeeping issue tracking and resolution
  • Departmental activity screens for use by other departments (IT, catering etc.) showing all outstanding activities (e.g.: 10:00 coffee break; 11:00 projector required) and ability to mark as complete, plus urgent issue tracking and resolution for each department

Issue tracking and resolution is available across all departments and allows any department to raise issues or requests against other departments. Some issues are raised automatically according to changes made on the day (e.g.: room move or a time change on an activity).

Accurate Solutions Conference and Events Module uses some of the Student Accommodation technology and will look and operate in a similar way, tailored for the conference teams.