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The Meal Booking web site has also been completely rewritten using Microsoft

It uses a Windows Communication Foundation web service to obtain data so there is no direct access to the database. Because the service can run on a different server, it provides an opportunity for the College to implement an added layer of security.

The new web pages incorporate the requests that we have had from Colleges to provide meal booking information on a single screen, so the main booking page now incorporates a calendar, meal booking window, menu and list of attendees.

Site colours and much of the design is contained within a single style sheet which will enable Colleges change the look and feel of the site as required.

This development platform also enables us to provide a simplified online payments site suitable for mobile use. Finally, as data is collected from a web service, we have the ability to expose data for any custom requirements of a College – for example, this could prove useful should the College wish to create a specific web based report.