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Since 1990 we have been working closely with our customers in Oxford and Cambridge to build the Mercury system with the breadth required in these unique environments whilst being flexible enough to meet the individual needs of each College.

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Mercury from Accurate Solutions is the leading administration system within Oxbridge Colleges
Financial Modules

Financial Modules

We supply the standard financial modules required by any business. In excess of 30 Colleges use our Financial modules but one of the great benefits is that you can have them as stand alone or integrated.

Nominal Ledger

Includes specialised College reporting

Purchase Ledger

The Purchase Ledger supports invoice scanning and electronic invoice authorisation.

Once a source document has been scanned, it is made available to those who have to authorise the invoice and can be accessed from both the Purchase Ledger and the Nominal Ledger for drill down purposes.

Sales Ledger

Includes Sales Invoicing

Cash Book

Our bank reconciliation module (only available with other financial modules)

Student Member Finance

Student Member Finance

Our Student Member modules build and control a central database of college member information. All our modules use this core member data so that changes made in one system are automatically reflected in the others. We have developed interfaces from the Oxford University (SITS) and Cambridge University (CAMSIS) systems to automatically update student information in Mercury.

Student Member Finance processes all the information required to support the fees and ancillary charges billed to students, fellows and associated third parties and to record the payments subsequently made. We provide an automated University Fee reconciliation program that uploads the fee information supplied by the University and performs a student-by-student comparison of the fees charged by the College against the fees that the University has determined.

We provide the capability for users to create and store 'lists' of members and 'views' of data columns and link them together. This enables data to be extracted from our review grids for reporting or to be pasted into any external software.

Student Member Academic

Student Member Academic

This module processes all the information required to support the College Academic office, such as examinations, intermission and clubs & societies.

Our Student Member modules are fully integrated and if used by both offices, provide a seamless link between the Academic Office and the Accounts Department where a two-way information flow is vital for both to operate efficiently.



The Payroll supports both static and variable data upload from an Excel spreadsheet.

At the request of the Colleges, it tracks changes to employee bank account details and provides the historical drill down details now made available from the Nominal Ledger.

Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation

Our Student Accommodation module gives the College the ability to create and maintain rooms, create provisional and real-time student bookings and produce electronic leases based upon the room, student and contract (termly, annual etc.).

The system provides multiple views of the room and booking data, which can be selected and changed by the user via icons on the toolbar.

It provides a seamless interface into Student Member Financial in order to charge the student for their accommodation and also tracks any subsequent changes made to a booking so that billing adjustments are fully automated.

All room information is made available in both the Student Member Financial and Student Member Academic modules.

Conference & Events

Conference & Events

This module provides complete control over the management of conference events and room bookings from quotation to execution.

We provide Colleges with a complete year-round booking system for one-hit room bookings through to multi-day, multi-room events with interdepartmental communication through our unique Front of House module that runs in the Lodge, housekeeping, catering and other service departments.

When combined with Student Accommodation you have total control and visibility of bedroom bookings across the College for students, conferences and guest bookings.

The module integrates with Student Member Finance for member charging and our Sales Ledger for third party billing.

Our Conference and Events module simplifies the administration, organisation and communication of events College-wide as well as tracking billing and costing activities on an event-by-event basis.

Event Management

  • Creation, review and changing of events
  • Allocation of public rooms
  • Management of delegate/visiting guest bedrooms
  • Booking of activities (including catering) across College departments
  • Booking of equipment and facilities
  • Flexible pricing models including fixed price, delegate day rate and fully itemised
  • Flexible rates for different customer categories (standard, associate members etc.)
  • Direct invoicing through our Sales Ledger

Main Printed Outputs

  • Customer quotation detailing what is to be provided
  • Event pack allows for quick review of an event detailing all aspects of the setup including all notes
  • Department packs organised by day and time detailing all activities and equipment that departments (catering, housekeeping, IT etc.) should provide
  • Cost analysis of each event

Department Screens

  • Porters Lodge for checking in / out guests and students in one place. Highlights and records the payment situation for conference and visiting guests as well as urgent lodge issue tracking and resolution
  • Housekeeping for tracking departures, arrival requests and cleaning requirements as well as urgent housekeeping issue tracking and resolution
  • Departmental activity screens for use by other departments (IT, catering etc.) showing all outstanding activities (e.g.: 10:00 coffee break; 11:00 projector required) and ability to mark as complete, plus urgent issue tracking and resolution for each department

Issue tracking and resolution is available across all departments and allows any department to raise issues or requests against other departments. Some issues are raised automatically according to changes made on the day (e.g.: room move or a time change on an activity).

Accurate Solutions Conference and Events Module uses some of the Student Accommodation technology and will look and operate in a similar way, tailored for the conference teams.

Meal Booking

Meal Booking

The Meal Booking module allows College staff to setup and manage meal sittings in the Mercury system and for members to book meals for themselves and their guests via a web site.

The college administrators can setup entitlement rules, meal pricing, restrict sittings to specific member types and guest types, create additional accounts for departments or individuals and design menus and seating plans.

Members can use the web site to book, block-book, or cancel meals and indicate any allergies or special dietary requirements.



The EPOS module allows colleges to manage stock items and setup their tills and till users. Options are available to administer member allowances, discount schemes and rewards.

Member Portal

Member Portal

The Member Portal web site can be configured to allow members to pay their Fees and Charges, view their EPOS Balances and setup bank account details for refunds and payments from the College. Further functionality is currently under development.

We constantly listen to you and continually update our modules to give you the best functionality using the latest technology.

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